I am not talking about building a website for the sake of having it but building a real solid website that integrates well with the workflow and the other applications that you use. It will act as the digital front door to your clients in a fast-growing health-tech world.

Your website is the first thing your clients look at when they are searching for you online. Even if you are just starting out as a solo provider building a professional website is something you should do along with building your physical clinic.

The good thing about your website is you own it and there is no one to control the content you put there. If you put the right content and build a professional-looking website it will be your best marketing tool.

On the other hand, if you have a website that's well integrated into your workflow it will provide a great experience for the clients. You will always be a step ahead of your competitors.


The first thing you need to do is to get a domain for your website. You can use services like Namecheap or GoDaddy to get a domain for yourself. Things to look for when getting a domain

  • If you are a solo practitioner or someone without a business name you should consider using a friendly name that people can remember instead of your name
  • Make sure you have the auto-renewal switched on so that domain does not expire or fall into the hands of others.

Design of the website

The designs of modern websites have evolved a lot to be a lot more minimalistic, yet attractive. People who visit your website need to feel cared for and secure. There are wonders a good design can provide from being a regular small clinic to making you look like a well-established clinic with a lot of trust and care. Clients do not see your real physical clinic or services online. They do not know who you are or what you do. You might be the best provider in the area but if you have a website for the sake of having it you create a really bad impression online and it matters to most people. So essentially you are creating the same reputation and trust you have physically online.

This looks really professional and they have emphasized that they provide Video visits. If you want to schedule your video visit, a button is provided and on the top right there is a button "Make an Appointment" which is a major action a user will take clearly visible. Also, the look and feel of the website are really professional and build trust in you. This is of course a large clinic with multiple locations. But building such a website is not something limited to the big players. If you do hire a good designer and a web developer you should be able to pull off the exact same thing.

Some factors you need to consider

  • You need to put the information needed by the clients like your services, contact info, how to access your Telehealth services, etc. so that they don’t have to call to get that information.
  • If you are using a web developer to build the website, make sure you have the ability to change information on the website yourself so that you do not need to contact them for little modifications.
  • Make sure the website is mobile-friendly because a high percentage of your clients will use a mobile phone to access the website
  • Keep the website updated with the latest information, services and contact details. Sharing things like announcements, news, etc. will make your website feel that it’s active. Don’t be the one to build the website and leave it there unattended.

SEO optimisation

You probably must have heard of SEO(Search Engine Optimisation). Even though it is an advanced skill to master there are small things that you could do to make sure you appear in the search results.

  • Posting content regularly and keeping the website updated is the key to SEO. This is why having a blog will be important. It will be the tool that’s driving traffic to your website.
  • Use keywords that clients could be searching for. You can use Google Keyword Planner to see keywords that clients are searching for. Use these keywords in the information that you share on your website.
  • Make sure to list your clinic on the Google Business page and keep it updated with the latest contact info, photos, operating hours and description. This could potentially lead clients to your website.

What does it mean to be integrated into the workflow?

If you take 1000 clinics you will find 500 different workflows. There's always something unique or different about each clinic. It could be due to the speciality, location, clinicians, budget, types of client, regulations and compliances, payment types, insurance support, size of the clinic, etc. that affects this unique workflow.

Since there is no solution that fits perfectly into your workflow most work with different applications to support different aspects of their workflow. Some were forced to work with technology because of the pandemic and to keep up with the competition. To them, technology is a problem to have and not a solution.

Even though there are no all-in-one solutions out there most solutions show a certain level of adaptability and integration. You can make different applications work together and try to build a streamlined flow that closely fits your workflow.

Where does the website fit into this?

Well, the website is the place where the flow will start. Most clients will look for you on the website. Even your existing clients, may not remember how to access their portal. So you should be able to at least direct them to the right place through the website.

Things you could do to integrate your website into your workflow

Allow Clients to schedule an appointment through your website

For most clinics, this would be their main go-to action for their clients. If they cannot make an appointment online and would have to call you or visit you to make one, you are adding too much friction for the clients and workload on your phone. There are many tools and applications that allow you to do this and if you use a Telehealth service they probably have this already. If you can include a link or if they provide an embedded component you can include it on the website.

Show a list of doctors available in your clinic

If you are a group practice you can list the doctors on your website with filters like speciality, location, etc. to easily find the doctor they are searching for. You can allow the clients to schedule with each doctor.

If you are using a Telehealth service allow the clients to self signup and schedule an appointment. Show the steps needed to make a virtual visit and how to prepare for it. If you need to review the information submitted before the visit, allow the clients to enter the information and upload any documents required. You could either take the information and pass it on to the Telehealth application or you could directly include a link to the Telehealth application but make sure they are directed to the right place and have all the information needed.

If you are using an EHR system you should show a link for the patient to access their portal. Most won’t remember the link to their portal so it is essential that you include it here.


Some Telehealth services support chatbots or there are many other applications that provide a chatbot. A chatbot could be used to answer common questions patients have, and common actions they need to do like schedule an appointment, submit lab report, etc. Again this makes life easier for patients and makes sure you have an easy communication channel on auto-pilot.

The end goal we are trying to achieve here is a great client experience and seamless entry into your workflow and the applications. You can always start from simple and keep improving the website. Remember this would be an investment into the future. You have the power to control and you do not need anyone to grow your presence online.

How we can help you to build a modern fully integrated website?

We develop custom telemedicine software fully integrated into your current workflow and systems. We have spent thousands of hours developing similar systems. Having the experience of building Telehealth solutions and the expertise to build large systems we are more than capable of building a website that seamlessly integrates with your workflow. It will be based on one of our beautifully designed templates but customised according to your needs. We will integrate it with your current applications and have it ready within 2 weeks. We will do all the maintenance so that you do not need to worry about managing the website. You can always reach out for any technical support and we will get back to you within 1 business day.

We do have our own telemedicine platform as well which you can customize and white-label according to your needs. It is not the old outdated software you see. Each pixel is carefully designed and developed by us. It's got all the functionalities you need including,

- Secure messaging (Asynchronous communication)

- Video Conferencing (Both group and 1:1 calls)

- Provider collaboration (So that you can work as a team)

- Payment Collection (Stripe Integrated)

- Patient In-take and screening

- Appointment System with reminders

- Patient Portal

- EMR Integration

We have completed over 30 successful projects. One of our clients received Ontario Health Verification and is one of the leading telemedicine platforms in Canada.

I am sure you might want to learn more. Please send us an email at support@telzee.io and we will schedule a call with you. Let's sit and talk about how we can digitize your health organization. You can check our website at telzee.io