Jitsi Meet External API or the Iframe API could be used to control and customize jitsi meet when you embed jitsi meet in your application using an iframe. But oftentimes you require additional functionalities which are not
given in the API given by jitsi. This post explains how to achieve this.

Let's take the example of adding a participant list (a list of all the attendees of the meeting). Assume we have a button on jitsi meet frontend that opens up a participant list on our web application.
Pressing on the button will emit the event 'show-participant-list' and the web application listening to the event will open the participant list.

Here is how to edit the external API to achieve this functionality

Add key value to JSON of events external_api.js

 'show-participant-list': 'showParticipantList',

Implement notify function on api.js

 notifyShowParticipantList(enabled: boolean) {
            name: 'show-participant-list',