Building a production standard software involves expertise in different areas, choosing the right platform and technologies, integrating external applications, maintaining high-quality standards by having multiple layers of testing, high levels of SLA, scaling the system according to the traffic patterns, etc. On top of all these managing a team, building roadmaps, providing technical support to customers, etc. makes developing software almost impossible.

The bad news is developing software based on real-time communication is even harder with a lot more expertise required on specific technologies and platforms. The testing methodologies, scaling of these systems is a lot more complex compared to other software. People are used to the high-quality video and audio experience provided by platforms like Zoom so they expect the communication component of the software to be as good as that.


This is the exact need we needed to address when we started Telzee. We formed our team of experts in all aspects required to build enterprise-level communication-based software. Here communication-based software refers to software that has a real-time communication component included in it. Thus software with Video conferencing, webinars, video and audio streaming, recording, SIP integration, real-time chats fall into the software that we are experts in.

These use cases apply to a lot of different industries. To mention a few of them,

  • Healthcare - Telemedicine platforms, EMR Integrations, Staff and patient management systems, scheduling systems
  • Education - Online tutoring platforms, LMS integrations, whiteboard, Payment Integration
  • Gaming - Multiplayer games with real-time collaboration
  • Enterprise - Internal communication solutions including video and voice, ERP, and CRM Integrations, PBX Integration, SIP Device integration
  • Events - Virtual events, streaming, event management

This does not mean we only develop the communication component of the software. We develop software end to end handling all aspects of the software. Explained below are our services covering end-to-end development of communication-based software.

Software Designing

Businesses must deliver a seamless and intuitive experience to the end-user. This involves choosing the right platforms, technologies, breaking down requirements into multiple components, drive stakeholder buy-in. Telzee brings together a team of designers, software architects, and domain experts to help you create the digital vision of your product, identifying the relevant technologies and architecture. A well-defined roadmap help in planning other aspects of the product like marketing, sales, etc.

UI UX Designing

No matter how well the software is developed, user experience is key for the success of software. The experience should match the target audience. Our UI UX engineers will make sure a frictionless experience is delivered to the end-user following modern design patterns and best design practices

Software Development

Once the roadmap is defined and sprints are planned, it is up to the team of developers to meet the timelines set by the designers. Following agile development methodology, the development will be carried by experts in the domain led by tech leads and Senior Software Engineers. Regular code reviews and retrospective meetings ensure that the team over-delivers the expectations set by stakeholders.

The development includes desktop, web, and mobile applications. We use the latest technologies for development following best code practices.

WebRTC Development

The development of WebRTC applications needs the expertise of a range of technologies and platforms. Telzee brings together experts of the domain with experiences in the core technologies like WebRTC, XMPP, RTMP, open-source platforms like Jitsi, Janus, FreeSwitch, etc., and CPAAS platforms like agora, Vonage, Twilio, Signalwire, etc.

Cloud Engineering

We are expertise in all popular cloud providers including AWS, Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean. Our Dev Ops Engineers will deploy your system with all the right configurations for the best performance while optimizing the cost.  

Product Management

To keep the development on track and for moving forward the product in the right direction, product managers are essential. At Telzee we make sure each product is taken care of by a product manager. Writing user stories for designers and developers, planning the roadmap with stakeholders, carrying out the sprint meetings and demos are only part of their responsibilities. Each product is different from one another hence needs personalized care from a human.


Ensuring the quality of the software is tightly coupled with how well the software is tested before production. WebRTC applications, in particular, needs their unique attention at different levels from manual testing, load testing to test automation. We follow industry-standard testing to ensure the quality of your software.


When a product finds the right market to fit it will gradually increase the traffic moving from the initial prototype to a more production-level software. Our architects at the design level make sure the software has the right foundation to scale from. As the product move from one phase to another, the system architecture needs to adapt in response to the user traffic patterns. Our Dev Ops engineers along with the software architects make sure your product is ready to face the incoming traffic.

When it comes to scaling your communication platform we have ready-made cluster templates that you can leverage on. Following micro-service architecture patterns, we will make sure each component follows a stateless behavior and is scaled as needed. Critical components which receive heavy loads will autoscale based on the traffic.


The development of a successful product never ends as it continues to evolve with user feedback. At Telzee we believe in forming long-term relationships with our clients not just to maintain but to improve the product with new feature implementations, regular bug fixes, and updating the used libraries.

What makes Telzee different?

On top of bringing all the above services together, we believe in working together as a team towards the same objective. In the end, individuals working on what they are asked for never make the product great. But having a team with the same objective in mind makes a great product.